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Sensory Play should always be done with immediate and constant supervision. The items provided in the box will ensure endless fun . However they are not suitable for babies or children to play with alone. They are effective in play when an adult is supervising and aiding the experience. Please ensure to never leave your little ones alone with the box or allow the box to be in reach of children without an adult present. Do not allow your baby or child to put any of the items in their mouth .


Benefits to sensory play:

Using sensory play with items that are provided in these boxes can provide lots of  developmental benefits. Using all our senses helps us as adults to learn , so the same applies for you little one. 

It can help to encourage the development of fine motor skills ( smaller movements such as fingers and hands) and encourages investigation and exploration which in turn supports the development of Gross motor skills ( larger movements such as torso , arms and legs) 

Sensory play can also support language & numeracy development as you talk your way through play and can encourage problem solving skills and social interaction. 

There are so many developmental benefits to sensory play for your child. However what I think is most important is the uninterrupted time this can give you with your child at home. Some dedicated time together to engage in play , your undivided attention and allowing your child the social interaction with you , allowing them to watch you play, have fun , talk , sing , dance or whatever emerges in your play together . We know this is the best and most effective way our children learn and grow this important neural pathways in the brain. 

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