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Group Information

Information for  the babies:

Our groups run in 6 weekly blocks , lasting for 45 minutes each. Just enough time for your baby senses to be stimulated and their little brains to be tickled, but not too long for them to get too tired and overstimulated.

Each week is a different activity, designed to allow them to explore through each sense and encourage the development of their milestones. 

We do this with sensory play based activities and lots of parent and baby engagement.

Take at look at our Gallery Page to see photos and some snippets of videos of the type of fun that awaits.

Information for the adults:

Your baby will have fun, or not, we know how the rollercoaster of a little ones day can go. However we also  know how challenging some days can be for us  too. So we aim to make sure you have a chilled out, fulfilling and fun time. Making sure  you have some protected one on one time with your baby to allow you to get fully immersed in play , without having to think about the mess you will have to clean up after. Our Mission is always Mums wellbeing first. The saying Happy Mum , Happy baby is so very true and we aim to try and help with this. 

To book a class, head to the Book online section of the website  All classes available to book are advertised here

Class types


For the newest o babies aged 0- 4 months. 

A mellow, quiet & soothing class for your precious new bundle. However as always at Mandala Baby we design classes with you in mind first and foremost. Although you absolute queen, have given both to a new human. You have also birthed yourself as a mum ( whether thats 1st or 5th time mum ) 

Time is taken for us to hold space for that and connect with each other to discuss the exceptional highs of new motherhood and the challenging all encompassing lows. 


We'll also be taking part in gentle sensory activities and touching on some gentle yoga for yourself , creating a relaxing and soothing environment for you both. We'll dance , sing and be sure to use all of the beautiful lights  for a magical class. 

Mandala Baby 1.0 :

Mandala Baby runs in 6 week blocks , therefore each block begins with a new set of parents so you are never joining an established group. It's really important to us you feel comfortable attending our classes and we feel this can help. 


Each week there are different themed classes designed to stimulate you baby's senses and development . Classes are designed to ensure you can have protected bonding time with your new baby in the first year of their life, away from the many distractions of modern day living.

However time is also set aside to allow you to connect with other parents and have a good bleather. We want to ensure you have a relaxed and enjoyable time , and bring some fun into what can sometimes be monotonous and challenging days with a new baby. We'll chat ,connect in what its like to become a new mum and do some cool activities with your baby that you will both enjoy.

Mandala 2.0

If you enjoy our first block of classes, there is another 6 week block waiting for you. New classes and new themes. 

Mandala Baby Toddler sessions

Please note that these sessions are not regularly scheduled and are on an ad-hoc basis . Babies aged 1- 2. 


Exploring different themes every week , we will use lots of sensory play and be very much child led . We know how inquisitive, energetic and adventurous our little ones can be at this age. Therefore classes will be relaxed and catered around facilitating these characteristics.  We believe children learn & develop best when they are following their own interests & fun. We aim to help nurture their own imagination with a fun child led play approach because of this.  

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