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About me

Hello, my name is Michelle. I became a mum for the first time in November 2017 to my little boy Fergus. While on maternity leave I was looking for groups to attend with Fergus and I did try a few , but couldn't find any in our local area that we both enjoyed and I always felt a bit deflated on leaving .  


Within my job roles before Fergus arrived I had ran many classes for Parents & babies , so perhaps my expectation was high in regards to the types of classes available for parents and their little ones. However because of this I began to really feel the pull to provide something worthwhile for women in their postnatal period. A space for the babies to be entertained and have fun , but also for new mums. So women can leave a class feeling seen and part of a community rather than underwhelmed and disappointed. 

My Qualifications

Before I became a mum , 

I studied psychology at University and gained a Bsc(Hons). I really enjoyed studying human behaviour and in particular liked understanding how we learn and develop as children . This led me to pursue working with children, young people and families. 

I have been fortunate enough to work in many different sectors from children with learning difficulties to residential childcare. However the last 5 years within this employment I worked within the early years sector. Learning about what works for children aged 0-3. I have gained lots of training in many programmes such as book bug and mellow parenting and the NHS breast feeding management and delivered pre natal classes to intensive parenting programmes. I have worked in settings from nurseries to charities and voluntary sectors and worked with various groups of parents from young parents to dads . 

Before leaving work to have my child I worked for a local charity providing support and running baby groups for teenage parents. Here I spent 3 years providing different types of groups for parents and their babies and had the opportunity to explore the types of activities that babies and parents enjoyed and got the most out of. 

With my work experience and experience of being a Mum, passion and knowledge, I hope to provide welcoming groups for you to really enjoy with your baby. Michelle 

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