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Sensory Play Box

sensory boxes for fun together at home. These can be a great tool for some engaged play  at home. Sensory activities are designed so that both parent & child can explore, discover and be creative together . 


Sensory activities are a great way to engage your baby in play. Even has adults we learn well when using all of our senses, babies  and children do too, particularly in their early years when their brains are developing fast. 


This kind of play is great fun, it can make you very creative in your own play , which your child will love. Instead of being driven mad by the same tunes of their favourite toy, pop on your favourite playlist or some relaxing music & let your inner child free. 


From language development to fine motor skill development, there is a huge advantage to engaging your baby in sensory play. As these activities provide your full attention, no matter what you do with the tools - you're baby will thrive from having you fully immersed in the activity with them. 

Mandala Baby 

Mandala Baby uses lots of similar items in class that are provided in the sensory boxes.  Why not carry on the fun at home too.

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